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Online Course

Introduction to
Virtual Conference Production


Virtual conferences are extremely valuable for any organization to pursue, but the process can be daunting. How do you manage the technology? What problems should you anticipate? What questions do you need to consider early on?

Now that the team has successfully pioneered our own virtual conference, we’re ready to teach you how to do it! Gain access to video tutorials, an eBook with tangible takeaways, and additional resources to help you along your journey of producing a virtual conference.


Saying that the workshop was valuable would be a true understatement. A lot of research and experience went into this insightful workshop and I will need to watch it a few times just to catch all the important pieces. An ebook sent after the workshop that includes questions and insights from the participants and summarizes takeaways from the video is a nice surprise and a much needed tool. This is a real eye opener and could be a game changer for associations and nonprofits wishing to build community, engagement, revenue and to position themselves on the global stage. I look forward to holding our own virtual conference. I would highly recommend this workshop.

Kristen Lepine dos Santos Executive Director Institute for Performance and Learning

This provided the necessary practical skills to get started. Once we begin offering these, I'm sure there will be more to learn from Association Success in terms of refining and new innovations. Thank you again for this AWESOME learning event!!!

Heather Braatz Education Manager National Funeral Directors Association