SURGE Optimism 2018 - Day 3

12-1PM EST

Understanding Human Behavior to Unlock Potential

Dan Ariely, Lowell Aplebaum, Nick Marzano, Shira Harrington, Susan Radwan


What makes us do the things we do? In the first half of this session, author and scholar Dan Ariely shares his wisdom about irrationality and the human mind. Ariely will talk about the personal and professional experiences that led him to the study of this strand of behavioral psychology, then flesh out his research with real-life examples. You will learn more about the factors that impact how we make decisions, handle distractions and exercise willpower.

In the second half of the session, you will bear witness to a SURGE-concocted experiment. What would happen, we wondered, if we took down all the signposts and let a conversational journey develop spontaneously? These speakers have done no advance prep, and are coming to this discussion with no idea of its direction other than to discuss the broad subject, 'professional motivation'. Armed with only with their relevant expertise, a passion for the topic, and a facilitator, the speaker will tackle the theme imaginatively and instinctively. Where exactly the discussion will take them, and what exactly they will unearth, is unscripted and unplanned.


Approaches For Human-Centered Design In Technology Initiatives

Amy Burke, Emily Hendershot, Gordon Withers, Harry Rothmann


Human-centered design, a product development methodology that puts people first, has the ability to increase successful outcomes for any association’s technology initiative. In this session, our panel will focus on human-centered design’s four stages: user research, ideation, iteration, and implementation. With real-life association experiences of excelling or struggling with a technology project, you will leave this session with actionable tactics and insights to help you and your organization adopt this approach.



Creating a Culture of Success

Kat Mohammed, Mike Moss, Rhea Steele, Sarah Sladek

More than ever, associations are being challenged to sustain amidst disruption and to help their member companies do the same. Labor shortages and retirement are threatening the stability or organizations -- even entire industries. As a result, leaders must prioritize the development of positive workplace cultures and employee engagement initiatives, but research indicates this has been easier said than done.


Join us to learn about what it takes to foster a culture of success within your workplace. The panel will explore how to define, measure, and manage a culture capable of inspiritng team0building and fostering engagement and community. You will hear creative strategies and best practices designed to offer the best workplace for you and your employees, and better serve the changing needs of your industry's employers. 


A Glimpse Into the Future of Global Associations

Florence Bindelle,  Kevin Ordonez,  John Peacock, Octavio "Bobby" Peralta, Jeffers Miruka, John Peacock, Sherry Budziak


Rpresentatives from the frontlines of the association community across the world will unite to share a social and economic snapshot of each of their regions. Tuning in from Southeast Asia, the United States, Europe, Africa, and Australia, this update will provide an overview of the association activities making waves in each locality. What unites us and distinguishes us as association professionals on different continents? What can we learn from each other? How can we build a worldwide association movement to strengthen our industries and society as a whole? In a virtual world, let's think international.



Data Strategy (For Dummies)

Dave Will, Josh Carlson, Paolo Melgarejo

These three speakers have crafted businesses that all interact seamlessly with data. The potential of data to address your organizational needs depends upon the questions you ask, the mindset you create, and the analytical strategies you employ. This conversation offers applied solution both to real problems in the present, and to predict future patterns of behavior. Join our panel of data-minded entrepreneurs to learn how to problem solve in the digital age.