SURGE Optimism 2018 - Day 2

12-1PM EST

How to Lose New Members in 90 Days or Less

Amanda Kaiser, Larry Guthrie, Lisa Vivinetto, Stephanie Selesnick.

Are new member retention rates much lower than the retention rates for all other members at your association? Imagine improving your new member retention rates by 10%, 20%, even 50%! Some associations are growing their membership by focusing far more on engaging their most at-risk members. How are they doing it? By delivering the value and experiences new members need. Join us for a mix of research data and real-life examples that you can start using immediately at your association.


Foresight is the Future of Governing

Alicia Skulemowski, Jeff De Cagna Nabil El-Ghoroury, Veronica Meadows


It’s time to start attending to your association’s future. Preparing your association and its stakeholders for the future requires more from key decision-makers. By fully embracing the duty of foresight, boards can focus their attention on pursuing intentional learning with the future. This provocative conversation will explore how boards can start doing the work that only they can do, and why foresight is the future of governing for building both high-performing boards and thriving organizations.


Productivity - A State of Mind At Work

David E. Elliott, Holly Duckworth, Lauren LeMunyan, Tracy Vanneman


Do you carry items forward on your to-do list day after day? Do you sit down in the office to finish one task then find yourself quickly distracted by another? Do you struggle to set boundaries around your working time? This session about combating gaps in our productivity is for you. Four speakers - a mindfulness consultant, a burnout prevention coach, an association professional, and an education expert - put heads together to offer tips, strategies and frameworks to help you become more productive, both as individuals and organization. Topics covered include association culture and leadership expectations, how to stay present in your workspace, the power of turning off your phone, and unlearning perfectionism.


Mission Critical: Advance Your Industry's Workforce Through Real Learning

Carolyn B. Thompson, Jess Halverson Boyer, Lowell Aplebaum, Tracy King


What is real learning, why do we need it, and how can we attain it within our organizations?

Learning needs to be a core part of any organization’s purpose, to prepare a workforce to continue flourishing in the future. Armed with this purpose, in order to be a guide and partner for those that are learning throughout their careers, we have to focus not on single byte units but on developing competencies and supporting mastery. Starting from the lens of workforce development, this discussion will unearth the key steps you need to implement an effective and comprehensive real learning strategy for your team.



The Power of Individual Stories to Strengthen Community

Ben Martin, Heather Wetzler, Karen McCord, Tim Parsons

How do we create and sustain a sense of community amongst our members, networks, or contributors? In what ways do our organizational missions depend upon and align with community building? What role does storytelling play in curating inspiring and synthesizing a shared message? Join experts in online community building, crowdsourcing, member connectivity and story-telling respectively to think about these questions - and be prepared to answer some yourself!