SURGE Optimism 2018 - Day 1

12-1PM EST

The Future of Work is Here

Lisa Campo, Liz Icenogle, Adrienne Bryant, Cecilia Sepp

In the gig economy, virtual workspaces are our present and future. The panel, composed of all association professionals with different types of remote working experiences, address the Future of Work using personal anecdotes and scientific studies. They discuss how to create a culture among remote workers, the necessity of self-discipline and routine, and how "work-life balance" is both important-- and a misleading term-- to people who work remotely.



Revamp To Revitalize and Grow

Addy Kujawa, Angela McMillan, Danielle Duran Baron, Mary Byers


Complacency is the enemy of associations. Find out how three association executives refused to fall into the complacency trap by revamping how they design their meetings, hire, communicate, and how they approach diversity and inclusion, among other things. You’ll learn the process they followed to revamp, what happened as a result, and how to create a revamp map you can use in your own association. From a more diverse speaker lineup to an effective ambassador program to a meeting that’s grown 75% in three years, you’ll see how revamping can mean revitalizing for your organization.



Content Strategy and Designing for Relevance

Carrie Hane, Dave Martin, Hilary Marsh


Content is how associations’ work is manifested in the world. It's how members learn about, engage with and and use an association’s offerings. This session will cover three factors that help make sure content is effective:

It is created in a way that highlights its relevance
It is structured so it can be reused and highlighted
It is marketed so the audience knows about it

This session will cover each of these topics in more detail, with real-life lessons and stories from three speakers with deep expertise.


Busting the 7 Myths of Entrepreneurship in Associations

Barbara Byrd Keenan, Dennis Sadler, Emilio Arocho, Meena Dayak


Entrepreneurship: just for for-profits, or an opportunity for associations? A skill that stays at the top of the hierarchy, or a way to empower every department? Relentless risk-taking or calculated experiments?

This session will push you to rethink everything you thought you knew about entrepreneurial thinking in the association space. Four speakers will bust common myths about entrepreneurship one by one, covering topics including the role of volunteers, culture change and external competition. By the end, you will be prepared and excited to transform your organization with a business-focused mindset.



How To Make Technology Painless

Erin Hall, Janelle Benefield, Rachel Stephan, Rick Rutherford


We can learn from the methodologies and approaches of other industries, and memorable experiences for our members. In this case, what can we learn from how technology companies find success? This conversation, led by marketng, product, and payment whizzes, will cover sourcing feedback meaningfully, developing a culture of customer service, involving influencers in the process of development, and so much more. Come experience the interactive format of this bonus session and expect to deep dive into these subjects in the attendee chat!